Realigning my soul.

Realigning my soul.

I’ve learned some huge life lessons recently. Like many of us, I’ve fallen into the dark cloud of worrying about the whole state of the world due to the Covid 19 situation – and , for a while, have let this darkness creep into my daily life, affecting me and my actions more than I realised.

It’s taken for me to have the precious opportunity to spend some time with family and friends who’ve become family, to remember just who I am/where my story began and why it’s so very important to hang on to what matters and let go of what might be……

Simply taking a little time out , to listen to those I love; to talk to them and smile with them; to just spend time in their company, has brought so very much peace to me – and made me remember exactly who I am: human, spirit and soul, combined in a presence that is unique: gifted with love and belonging to a family who are everything to me. No different from any other person – but every person is precious and special – and we’re all here to learn, love and share the life lessons given to us.

I’ve been reminded to reach out not hold back. To love out loud, not hide in fear. To cherish the moments not lose them in fear of what may happen – and to breathe, deeply and confidently, feeling the energy of the world flow into my very being.

I am so very grateful.

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