Witnessing love.

Witnessing love.

I’m so very saddened to hear from a lady I met on this site, that her precious husband passed away on Sunday.

This lady has been incredibly strong over a very long period of time, as she’s watched her husband battle with a horrible cancer which robbed him of his dignity and then, his life. Only in their 40s, these two people are so young and had so very much to look forward to …..but illness has other plans and no matter what our age/status/wealth or belief, too often, the illness takes over and a loved one is physically lost to us.

One of the most incredible things for me to witness, is how this lady has stayed strong and positive as she’s ridden the waves of changes to her husband as he’s bravely fought¬† his health battle. I’ve been humbled seeing and hearing her live moment by moment, strengthened by the love she has for her husband. A Mum too, she has been truly amazing.

Today, when the news came that her husband had lost his human battle , a couple of days ago, it was heartbreaking to think of the lady’s pain and the sheer magnitude of loss. There are no words – except to know that she has given the most precious gift to her husband: her total, unconditional love right until he crossed the bridge to the spirit world. She has held his hand and kept his soul calm, as he has moved forward and had to leave her walking her earth path.

Right now, I pray that all of the spirit love and healing energy I KNOW to be around us, wraps her and holds her up a she begins this lonely journey forward. That she is loved, is without question. That she knows she isn’t alone, is something I’ll wish and pray for everyday.

Just because we cannot see spirit doesn’t mean they are not there. They witness our life and pain every bit as much as we witness that of the people we love.

God bless you Clare. May Steve go gently through the spirit light and keep your heart wrapped in love, as you will his.

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