Letter to my Furry Family.

Letter to my Furry Family.

It would seem that the time has come to open our hearts to loving another precious doggy who has crossed our paths and who needs a home.

My heart is torn in two: I see all of you, in the shadows of our home; in your favourite places and wagging your tails enthusiastically when talking with us or playing.

Those of you who didn’t live here with us but shared our journey through life in the UK, are in every breath taken. I can ”sense” you deeply and now, can smile with love, knowing that we, ”walked together” through all of your lives and part of our own, enjoying the days and shedding the tears, together.

I read the other day that, between ”hello” and ”goodbye”, there is so very much love – and whilst that is true, what is also true is that the love remains to this day. Tears are shed for each of you and all hold a special place in my soul.

Part of who I am today ,  is thanks to each of you. Your love, friendship and companionship, stays deep in my being and always will. No-one of you took the place of another – and no other furry friend will ever be you or bring me the joy that you each did.

Love is love.

And love is unique and individual, in the same way as each of you were your ”own” animals in every way. I have been blessed to walk part of my life journey with you and pray that I walked close enough to each of you , that you know how much you were – and are- loved.

With mixed feelings, it’s time to keep taking steps forward and, knowing there are others in need of love, every bit as much as I need to give that love, we are close to that turning in our road.

It’s not a new beginning.

It’s a continuation of a lifetime of blessings given freely with love, by the furry friends who’ve wagged and purred their way into our hearts. Why close off our hearts now when we humans have the capacity to love unlimited, almost as much as you furry souls can do?

Taking a lesson given with love from each of you, I’m ready to go for the next walk – and I know you’ll be at my side.

To say I love each of you, just doesn’t cover it x. Thank you .x (and  the photos aren’t even of all of you)

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