Halloween thoughts.

Halloween thoughts.

So the 31st of October, 2020 is upon us – and what a year this is proving to be!

The world seems to be being consumed by illness, natural disaster and terrible acts of violence – or maybe this has always occurred but the fact that we have the media keeping everything , ”sensationally in our faces” is making things worse….

This morning, I decided to seek counsel from a very wise soul: Scarlett, my great niece, aged 6 earth years and probably a trillion eons of life years! She’s a very wise person and can help with problems such as, what to eat for breakfast if you want something colourful or how to draw a wizard to help you with homework. Important stuff – and stuff I’m very interested in.

I asked her a simple question: “”How do I make sure that the good witches stay close to us today and help us with problems and that the naughty witches are kept away from our home because they pull Barney dogs tail’?”

Thinking for a brief moment, she advised me that good witches are happy and like to be friends but naughty witches don”t like flowers – so I should get a flower and put it close to the front door and the bad witches would stay away!


We decided that Barney should relax in the garden, where the shrubs are in full bloom with many colourful flowers and that would keep the naughtiness at bay.

I cannot imagine anyone in their sane, happy and loving mind, not liking flowers – so maybe Scarlett has a very profound point: that which is beautiful and natural to us and earth, will always protect us from the ”elements” that distrust/dislike natures gifts…….

Certainly worth thinking about!

ps Scarlett now wants to be paid for her help….but Christmas money is acceptable, apparently!

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