A deep sense of sadness

A deep sense of sadness

It is the most beautiful Autumn day. The sky is clear and blue; the sea is calm and gentle and the colours on the shrubs and trees, are simply perfect: golden and bright, with flowers in abundance ….

Yet my soul feels so heavy today. I can see and feel the beauty in the moment but it’s as if the world is ”crying” at it’s core and my senses are being pulled towards it.

There are so many things to be grateful for, including the brave, strong people worldwide who are fighting to find ways to contain the virus which has spread so quickly.  I pray for strength for them and for wisdom to know what is real in their ways and what may be ego talking………….it must be so incredibly hard for them to do their work.

I sense deeply that what I’m feeling, is being felt by empaths the world over. This virus is having so many consequences, from illness to job loss, fear to isolation – humans are being forced to face themselves in ways many probably don’t want to. And to deal with a reality of choices – many of which are painful to look at eg the way we treat our fellow man; the way we treat animals; the way we treat the sea etc…..

Something deep in the sadness is showing that the world really is a beautiful place: I sense calm and peace under the tears – and the emergence of hope ,coming to us in the same way that a flower comes back into bud then blossom.

Am going to take a little time out and send love and thoughts out to Mother Earth this morning. To thank the elements for their strength and presence – and to send gratitude to the great spirit of the Universe whose strength and angels guide and help us, even when we don’t realise.

We aren’t alone. And this human life isn’t all we’ll experience.

But right now, it’s where we are and, much as we pray for this time to pass, it’s time to acknowledge this moment and look deeply into the lesson it brings.

A sad lesson? Maybe. But the sun comes out after every dark night.

Be at peace but be present.

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