A Loving Energy Bubble

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A Loving Energy Bubble

Of course, that’s my opinion!

I know only that, I can sense loving and healing energy, spirit guides and the pure love that is given to us freely, every moment of our lives. Many call this energy, God. Some will be insulted by the explanation I’ve given. At the end of the day, it’s up to every person to make up their own mind by finding their own truth. I can only share my truth with you in the hope of providing you with insightful readings to give you comfort and hope.

Thanks to very supportive friends, I’ve been encouraged to set up this page and to offer online help to those who may wish to have a reading. This venture is still in very early days but I’ll publish all details within the next week or so. If you’ve had a reading and could comment/review it for me, I’d be deeply grateful. Thank you.

No-one can promise to be 100% accurate or 100% true. I can only promise you that I will try my very best and, if I fail you, forgive me – and don’t pay!


I’ll also be writing a lot about life and other challenges. Read or don’t. Either is fine. I find great peace in writing and have met incredible people who’ve been kind enough to read and help me on the way.

“Thank you for coming to my site, and I hope to talk with you and your loving energies, soon!”

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