Comfort is only a thought away


There are so many stories, fears and tales wrapped around the process of being able to, “hear” or “sense” something or someone invisible to us. Yet, it is one of the most natural things in the world.


People will accept, gut instinct or the times they think about someone. The phone rings and that person is on the line. Many take this as natural, not questioning or investigating the hows – and it is natural.

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We’re born with open minds and hearts.

Think of the mind as an open chest of drawers. Many drawers, all shapes and sizes, each waiting to be filled.


Depending on where we are born and who we are born to, over the years, one by one, drawers are filled with information or commands. Things like do or don’t or like this or like that. And, slowly, as more drawers close, the “shape” of our personality and “knowing” begins. Often at the expense of those parts which are the most intuitive and sensitive.

People are different and unique. However, they share a life force and the power of thought. Two things which are around us in abundance, if only we could see them.


Interestingly, the terrible situation over Covid 19, has made many people look deeper into themselves and their life. So very many have returned to what is more natural to them, underneath the labels they wear for their careers or life choices.

Thank you.

Had a few messages over the weeks from Lynn and last week she sent me a reading. This lady has an incredible gift and is spot on with her readings. Highly recommended to anyone. Thanks Lynn for the reading and such great words and definitely something for me to keep and use as guidance in the coming months. Thanks alot

You're so very kind!

Lynn is so incredibly talented and I have been very lucky to have received a reading from her.. I was so touched and very moved.. Thank you again Lynn... You're so very kind xxx

Highly recommended.

So happy to see that this beautiful human has taken a leap of faith in herself and is offering readings. Lynn has an incredible and rare gift for this: she can see your soul’s deepest desires and translate them into a beautiful written gift for you to keep.

So, who do I think I am?

My stock answer to this is always, “I am my Grandfather’s Granddaughter” and very proud to be so! In truth, I’m no-one special. Just an ordinary person whose life has been shared with many adventures with the spirit world and “hearing/sensing” the invisible around us.


I suspect this means that during my upbringing, the people who cared for me either didn’t insist on my learning a particular pattern to life but instead let me run more on inspiration and intuition. Something for which I am very grateful! 


As a child, I had my fair share of imaginary friends. I shocked my family once or twice by recounting a conversation I’d had with loved ones who had passed on. But, this was all accepted by my family as, “the way I was” and no-one notably corrected me or told me I was crazy, or worse!

Life did to me what it does.

There were ups and downs; painful experiences and lovely ones. People came and went through my life, but at all times, my senses screamed out at me to share information and communicate clearly. For years, I pushed these thoughts away and concentrated on forging a career, which, interestingly, was in radio! 


No-one ever questioned how the sound gets into their ears and brains and happily accept it as usual. But many do wonder how the sound of a spirit or a guide can possible intrude! It is fascinating!


For me, “thoughts are living things” in the same way that love is living energy. If you love someone and they are not in the room or place you are, you can still feel the love you have for them. And, sense the love that they have for you. It’s an energy transfer, and in every way, the same as the sound is relayed in the ear.

Thoughts ARE living things

They are simply vibrational energy, carrying information/hope and love – and there has never been a better time to try to listen more closely to them!

When you request a reading, I ask you simply to trust me and leave only your full name and email address. If you want to ask a question beforehand, please do. I’m also happy for you to do that after your reading.



Once I get your email, I’ll find the time to ‘’think ‘’ about you and take time out to ‘’listen’’ to any information which comes through for you. This will all be written down for you and emailed or messaged to you.


If you are happy with your reading, please let me know! I’d be glad to have your feedback! Equally, if you have any specific question, please ask: I’ll answer as soon as I’m able to.

Please, get in touch to see if I can help you… I’ll acknowledge your message within 24 hours.

If you request a reading, it will be emailed to you within a couple of days along with a secure link for you to pay via PayPal. You do not need to pay until you have received your reading via email. If you have a particular question you’d like me to answer, please let me know below.

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      Of course, that’s my opinion! I know only that, I can sense loving and healing energy, spirit guides and the pure love that is given to us freely, every moment of our lives. Many call this energy, God. Some will be insulted by the explanation I’ve given. At the end of the day, it’s up to every person to make up their own mind by finding their own truth.

      I can only share my truth with you in the hope of providing you with insightful readings to give you comfort and hope.


      Thank you for coming to my site, and I hope to talk with you and your loving energies, soon!